Give Opportunity. Be a Force for Good.


The Virgin Companies are always trying to push the boundaries.  Rock the Kasbah is no exception. RTK will again be a grand fundraising gala for Virgin Unite and the Eve Branson Foundation.  This year we also want to give our valued partners from the private sector a way to increase opportunities everywhere.

This year’s Rock the Kasbah gala will serve as a platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, foundations and public sector partners to announce and highlight the incredible opportunities they are creating for young people and to celebrate young heroes truly making a difference in their communities. With unemployment at nine percent and more than two million homeless young people there couldn’t be a more compelling time than now to cultivate partnerships to unlock positive change and support future generations.

As business leaders and entrepreneurs we have the tools and innovation to make this happen.  While we can ensure you the party is going to be incredible, the real magic from the evening will come from celebrating how everyone in the room is leveraging their assets to be a force for good.

Imagine the possibilities of several new and innovative mentorship programs from some of the world's most recognized companies. Job fairs, joint internship programs, mentorships. Imagine what you could do for your community. (And how that might, in turn, be beneficial for your organization).

Be a force for good. Contact us today and mention that you're interested in giving opportunity at this year's Rock the Kasbah.  It might just be more rewarding than you know...